Other Component Products by Penley

Other Component Products by Penley

Microphone Boom Pole by Loon Audio – manufactured by Penley

Microphone Boom Poles

Penley was previously an exclusive contractor/supplier of graphite tubes used to manufacture microphone boom poles by K-Tek Corporation. The microphone boom pole won an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Technical Achievement Award.

Ski and Trekking Poles

Penley has already undertaken the design and manufacture of high performance, high quality ski poles. Previously small quantities of specially designed racing ski poles and trekking poles sold both to Volkl and Gabel over the years. If you are looking for a high quality, made in the USA ski pole or trekking pole manufacturer, contact sales@penleysports.com

Stand Up Paddles

Under a previous Company, Carter Penley produced Stand Up Paddles for Quickblade, Inc.

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