Penley Announces Its Product Lineup For 2018

New for 2018 – ET3LD Long Drive Shaft

Handcrafted and precision built for extreme performance & accuracy
designed to give the player competition fairway accuracy – with more shots staying in the Grid.

The ET3LD’s are:

• Handcrafted and precision built for extreme performance & accuracy.
• Produced in small lot production runs of 20 or less shafts per each flex range.
• Each ET3LD shaft is individually numbered per each lot produced.
• Available in 3 flexes (X, XX & XXX)
• ET3LD Shafts are gloss black with white pearlescent Penley sleeve and rings.

New – QUASAR ET3 Wood
Prior to this year we released the QUASAR ET3. The QUASAR ET3 Shaft was developed for a wide range of players of all levels of play looking for a softer, forgiving shaft feel, while keeping all the benefits of FEEL, Control, Distance & Accuracy the ET2 Pro Tour Series shaft was designed for:

Updated for 2018 – Pt2 Platinum Fairway Woods

• Designed exclusively as a true fairway, and not a cut down driver.
• Design feedback and input from Penley Staff Advisor & Golf Legend – Tommy Jacobs
• Increased shaft weight for more strength, giving the player better stability for hitting off of the fairway.
• Each Model of the 3, 5 & 7 Wood model is a unique design of its own, with different mechanical and physical properties.
• Precut to length to compliment the playing length and head weights for the 3, 5 & 7 wood.
• Designed to maintain swing weights typically used in a 3, 5 & 7 wood.
• Updated with a deep metallic blue sleeve and rings set against a custom platinum finish made exclusively for Penley.

Upgraded for 2018 – Hybrid Heater2 Shaft

The Hybrid Heater2 was initially designed for Tour use based off of tour player feedback and placing in the top 10 & 20 in multiple PGA Tournaments. The result is a hybrid that gives the player optimum launch, distance, spin rate & trajectory.
Updated version of the Tour proven Hybrid Heater2 now features Penley sleeve and rings in Optic Yellow with a Gloss Black finish.

ET2 Pro Tour Series Shaft

Making its debut on the PGA Tour and placing in the top 10 in multiple PGA Tour events, including 2nd place in the Mayakoba Golf Classic, the ET2 wood is a tour proven, high performance driver shaft and one of our best sellers:

Executive Player (EP) Series

Part of the Graphite Light (GL2) Series and enhanced with Penleys proprietary QMIT process, resulting in enhanced feel, greater distance & improved shot control. The Executive Player Line is ideal for the higher handicapped player as well as players of all skill levels. Available in both Woods and Irons.

Executive Player Wood Shaft


Executive Player Iron Shaft


With the development of Penley’s performance design & manufacturing processes such as the TBAR™ (Tip to Butt Aspect Ratio) algorithm and ZONE FLEX™ Characterization, Penley Golf Shafts are a level above all others.

Made In The USA

Each and every Penley shaft is handcrafted and made in the USA in San Diego, California.


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