Penley is proud to be a sponsor of the International Clubmakers Guild

Penley has become a sponsor of the ICG!

Active Members of the ICG who wish to become an Authorized Penley Dealer can enjoy a variety of benefits – such as:

Dealer Demo Shaft Program

Plug N Play Demo Packages for Dealers

Penley Buyback Program

Penley is offering an additional discount off of our Wholesale Dealer Pricing to our friends who are ICG members – contact us to learn more!

This offer is available only to current members of ICG (International Clubmakers Guild)*.

* In order to receive the discount when ordering please let us know whether you are a member of ICG

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2 thoughts on “Penley is proud to be a sponsor of the International Clubmakers Guild

  1. I am so excited abouit your shafts, which I had not heard much about, that I found an old club by the name of VESEY 20 decree hybred and hit a shot almost as long as Taylormade M2. Right there I said to myself I have to replace my driver shaft with onme these wonderful shafts, so with your help I would like to get in to senior shaft to substitute into my driver. thanx jbe

    1. Hello John and thank you for your comment, we’ll be happy to help get you fitted with the right Penley shaft! Have you had the chance to view our Executive Player Woods?
      They are available in A, R and S flexes. We also have a Online Fitting Form if you are not sure which shaft is right for you. Just fill out the form as best as you can, and we will look it over and make suggestions based on your submission:
      Thanks again John!

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