Demo Day at the St. Germain Golf Course

We had a great day out at the St. Germain golf course last Saturday.

A lot of people showed up for the demo day and got to try out Penley with their favorite club head. The reps over at well known club company were kind enough to give us a fair amount of launch monitor time.

With launch monitor time, we had the opportunity to let people try various shaft combos with launch results, similar to what Ping’s player testing sent us, but on a much larger scale. The end results were very informative and telling.

Demo Day long shot
A nice shot of the range- hey is that rep trying trying to photo bomb our picture?

On average, the lower swing speeds, 90 to 100 mph, picked up an average of 15 to 20 yards of distance with the Penley ET2 shaft, over any other shaft, one player was an extreme by picking up an average of 39 yards with the ET2 Regular flex and a swing speed of 97 mph.

The better players, 100+ mph, picked up an extra 3 to 6 yards, and showed about 10 to 15% less dispersion patterns.  Everyone who tried a Penley at the demo day said unanimously that Penley was “best feeling shaft“, bar none.

This young man was so excited by how far his ball went, he couldnt let go of the Penley demo club!

We will be doing another demo day  at St. Germain in a few weeks.

Special thanks to St. Germain Golf Course, Margo Rogers for allowing us to demo at their location and to the club head reps who were kind enough to let us use some of their launch monitor time!