Penley ET2 Shaft Review by Golf Gear Select

June 13, 2009 by Golf Gear Select


Well, our first review of Penley – sorry to keep you waiting for one of the most prolific shafts on the market today. A take off from the ETA design, the Penley ET2 shaft has been under pain-staking scrutiny of the Penley Carter R&D group for the past year but introduced recently with a healthy fanfare. Although it certainly helps when you have John Daly as a major advocate, Penley has forged a respected path amongst the shaft makers and have come to be known as the quiet shaft maker that carries a big stick.

The Penley ET2 from Carter Penley is designed for the better player in mind. In fact, Carter Penley himself is quoted as saying “We started developing this shaft over a year ago and have had great player feed back and I truly feel for the better player this shaft is the best design to date, bar none.” That may be a bold statement but Mr. Carter is certainly qualified to make such a statement.

The ET2 has been under development since last year and was just recently introduced at the Golf Fest. So far, they’ve had very good responses. Although it is now available on the market for players, club fitters, OEM’s, it does not yet seem to be widely available, at least yet. We will definitely be watching this one.


The ET2 is one of those gems. Carter Penley is known for creating golf shafts that are true performance machines, the ET2 looks to be no different.


The only con we could come up with is the price. The ET2 is not a cheap shaft. But than again, you are getting a quality composite that will elevate your game, paying a few extra dollar becomes a minor issue for what you get in return.

Overall Rating-

The Penley ET2 is an upgrade from the ETA design. The new design is not just for professionals like John Daly, but includes players who play a better than average game of golf and specifically want to improve on their distance and control.


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