Penley Offers Buyback Program to Customers of Counterfeit Shafts

June 13, 2014 – Penley offers Buyback Program to customers of counterfeit shafts

SAN DIEGO — Penley Research & Development (PRD) offers Buyback Program to Customers.

It has come to the attention of PRD,LLC (Penley) that there has been an increase of non-genuine PENLEY-branded golf shafts being sold on online auctions and in various online retail shops in violation of Penley’s trademarks, copyrights and patents (“Counterfeit Products”).

The sales of these Counterfeit Products is not only illegal but also may cause injury to many Penley customers who have purchased these products. Not only have these customers suffered financial losses due to purchasing inferior product but, since the counterfeits are not of the quality construction and design of a genuine Penley golf shaft, they could actually contribute to the deterioration of playing skills.

Penley has spent thousands of dollars developing and defending our intellectual properties and have stopped many violators in the process. As of recently, Penley’s major concern is that there is still inferior counterfeit product out in the market place, being sold to the unsuspecting golfing public and this fact is of great concern for Penley.

Penley’s CEO Mr. Carter Penley is concerned because not only have people lost money by purchasing a counterfeit Penley product -but more importantly, those affected are left without the service and support system Penley is famously known for. To help those who have innocently purchased Counterfeit Product, Penley has initiated a buyback program as follows:

From the dates of Jun 1, 2014 to Nov 31, 2014 Penley is extending to our loyal customers a buyback program to help right the wrong perpetuated by others. This buyback program will insure the owner receives all services and support that Penley extends to all who purchased a genuine Penley golf Product.

? Penley offers up to a $20.00 buyback offer for every returned counterfeit (even if suspected of being counterfeit) Penley golf shaft of the old product line.
? The buyback will be in the form of credit toward the purchase of a new Penley (PRD, LLC) golf shaft as follows:

$20.00 credit towards the purchase of a Penley ET2 ‘Pro Series’ or ET2LD ‘Long Drive’ shaft or
$15.00 credit towards the purchase of a Penley Hybrid Heater 2 shaft or
$10.00 credit towards the purchase of a Penley Executive Line (woods or irons)

? All buybacks are a one for one exchange only and are subject to the approval of Penley.
? Additionally, to cover the cost of having to return a shaft to Penley, we are offering free shipping of the replacement golf shaft from the Penley Factory, San Diego, CA, (via USPS-standard service within the contiguous 48 states).

This buyback offer will be extended to and offered through, authorized Penley distributors and dealers. Please feel free to have your dealer contact us.

It is our sincere hope that everyone who may have purchased a suspected counterfeit Penley golf shaft will take advantage of this offer to upgrade to a newer, superior quality Penley product, so you can be sure you are playing a GENUINE Penley product.

For additional details about this offer or to discuss any questions you may have about any Penley products, email us at or, feel free to call us directly at (619) 671-9898.

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