Penley Shafts Introduces New QMIT Design & Manufacturing Process for Golf Shafts

Penley Shafts’ QMIT Shaft Building Process Yields Better Consistency, Control and Playability through a Proprietary Design Process that Revolutionizes Feel

San Diego, CA June 23, 2015 – Penley Research and Development (Penley Golf Shafts), the golf industry’s premier shaft manufacturer, is pleased to announce QMIT, their newest advanced golf shaft design and manufacturing process. This new process creates a shaft providing optimal response throughout the stresses of the loading phase, factory tunable torque resistance modes for all swing types, and when coupled with Penley’s small lot custom production runs and the use of the highest quality aerospace materials produce consistent quality unmatched in the industry.

“QMIT is an exciting new development for Penley representing an entirely new and proprietary process reducing internal stresses and effectively redirecting flexural stiffness to manage torque resistance throughout the golf swing,” said Carter Penley, CEO of Penley Golf Shafts. “Simply put, QMIT allows Penley to tailor a better balanced composite laminate for golf shafts. For the seasoned player, QMIT provides a stable performance platform to deliver the club head to the ball consistently, resulting in enhanced feel, greater distance and improved shot control.”

Penley golf shafts featuring QMIT design and manufacturing process will be launched in Mid-Summer 2015 and has already been incorporated  into the Penley Executive Player Line . For more information about QMIT, please visit:


About Penley Research and Development
Penley Shafts, based in San Diego, California, handcrafts the highest quality golf shafts using the absolute best materials and every shaft is manufactured right here in the USA. Established in 1986 by Carter Penley, Penley Research and Development is a sports research and development company dedicated to building better golf equipment, one shaft at a time. For more information visit