Tour updates and other news-

Penley Research & Development’s first tour presence was at the Tour Championship in Atlanta, Georgia. We had 3 players that had previously played Penley in the past request that they be fitted with the new ET2. Not bad for the first tour event.

Despite the bad weather out at the Turning Stone Resort, our Tour Rep Mark Gerent had a great week out in Chattanooga. The weather was good, and many players were interested in playing Penley. Mark got to work directly with quite a few players: CA, RH, PS, GS, CD PA and quite a few big names were interested in trying out the new ET2. One of the players made it to the top 20 in the Chattanooga Classic. Mark’s next event will be at the Fry’ Open Oct. 25th-29th.

Meanwhile, back in San Diego, Carter is working on a new Hybrid shaft design for two major OEMs- as well as getting shafts up to a certain OEM for testing (for those that are not familiar, this is all normal processes to become a part of the upgrade line). Another major company that Carter Penley has not worked with before has requested the ET2 for their test facility. Carter Penley will also be working on an exclusive design for a certain player who gave Mark his specs- this player previously played our previous products and won a major event with our shafts, a great guy and a great player. Carter is very excited to work on something for him again-

Just this week, the ET2 was up at Titleist for testing and has qualified the ET2 for their tour players as well a custom order upgrades.


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