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Best Driver Shafts for 2010′ by Golf Gear Select

Penley ET2


First up is the Penley ET2, made by one of the most knowledgeable shaft makers in the business, The Godfather of Golf Shafts if you will, Carter Penley. Mr. Penley has reemerged with Penley Research and Development and his latest shaft, the ET2, the predecessor being the successful ETA.

Carter Penley without a doubt manufactures the most technically advanced shafts on the market today. The ET2 is one of those advanced shafts that doesn’t get the attention of a Fujikura, Aldila or Mitsubishi, but rest assured, it is an elite, top of the line golf shaft.

The ET2is a significant upgrade of the original and ever popular ETA model. The ET2 was manufactured with feel, control, and distance at the focus. All other parameters (Mechanical and Physical) compliment these three design attributes.

The TBAR Algorithm is at the heart of Penley’s shafts. TBAR is determining flex factor, although we do apply some common flex range description to help players determine which golf shaft is best suited for their level of play.



 Flex Weight +/- SG Length Tip Diameter Butt Diameter Torque TBAR Matched
X 70 46 0.335 0.605 2.9 X
S 70 46 0.335 0.600 3.5 X
R 70 46 0.335 0.600 4.0 X


The Penley ET2 is without a doubt, the “sleeper” of the the Class of 2010′. And historically, only the more advanced players know and really appreciate Penley shafts. This holds true for the ET2, this is an advanced players shaft.


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