Latest Tech Developments by Penley – ‘QMIT’

by Carter Penley

The new QMIT project being developed by Carter Penley with the invaluable feedback from Staff Advisor Tommy Jacobs.

Tommy is in the process of completing the first round of player testing and spec development. The feedback so far from Tommy has been encouraging and his design/development suggestions are most helpful and in depth especially when Tommy gets into the feel, playability and trajectory characteristics. As soon as Tommy finishes his thorough field testing, I will gather all data and with Tommy’s input, complete the prototype phase and hopefully the shafts will be ready to go with a limited production and distribution run.

Tommys ability to wring out a new design is one of the best and most methodical player. I have had the opportunity to work with and literally cuts the development time in HALF for a new design phase. The Cost and Time savings is almost immeasurable.


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