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Long hitter John Daly re-signs with Penley Shafts



John is very excited to be a part of the organization that has helped him make a significant comeback. This week Penley plans to release its new PGA Tour trailer with John’s image and personalized shaft and graphics. Director of Marketing and National Sales Manager Brad Stormon says, “John is a star and continues to impress the general public with his personality and playing ability, when we signed John, Penley realized that the golfing public loves him and is one of the few players in golf that can draw a crowd like Tiger Woods. With Penley shafts, John has continued to enhance his distance along with holding the title as the longest driver on the PGA TOUR.”

Penley Golf Shafts also have been recognized as the most accurate and longest driving shafts on the PGA and Nationwide Tours; with Victor Schwamkrug showcasing his ability with a 328.9 yard driving average, along with John Daly’s driving distance on the PGA Tour holding the #1 spot for two straight years. In addition, Joe Durant captured the #1 spot in driving accuracy in 2001, Penley also claimed the 2002 driving accuracy category on last year’s Buy.com Tour.

Source – Penley