News from the Tour – Mayakoba – and the Final Results

Last week our Tour Rep Mark Gerent went to the Mayakoba Golf Classic in Mexico. Many excellent players were out for this event, such as John Daly, Joe Durant, Cameron Beckman, Heath Slocum and many more. Being the only shaft representative at Mayakoba, Mark had the chance to work with many players- some of which switched their old drivers to our Tour Hybrids. The result was an improved distance in their game.

For the first three days, Joe Durant (who was previously a part of the Penley Tour Staff) was leading the Classic. He’s a great player with the highest accuracy on Tour. The final result for the Mayakoba Classic tied Joe Durant in second place. He played a great game and coming in the T2 place put him at his fourth career runner-up finish. He goes on to play the Waste Management – we’ll have more about the Waste Management soon.

From this event, the following player positions had these shafts in play:

T2 – Penley ET2 driver

T13 – Penley Tour Hybrid and Penley Tour Fairway wood

T55 – Penley ET2 driver

T63 – Penley Tour Hybrid

We have been on Tour for less than 6 months and making great headway and getting great results and feedback from the Tour. Lets see what else 2010 will bring for us.