Penley Hybrid Heater 2 Shaft Introduced by Golf Gear Select

Penley Hybrid Heater 2 Shaft Introduced

Mar 20, 2010 by Golf Gear Select

Penley Research & Development (formerly Penley Sports) recently reemerged with the introduction of the Penley ET2.  The ET2 is an upgraded version of the popular ETA and produced rave reviews.  In fact, the Penley ET2 made our our Top 10 Driver Shafts of 2010′ Special Report coming out soon.

Penley R&D has unveiled a hybrid shaft called the Penley Hybrid Heater 2.

The Hybrid Heater 2 was built for the PGA tour players and was requested my two major OEM’s. So far feedback on PGA tour is been exceptional. The Hybrid Heater 2 is currently in production and is available in X (Tour model) with S and R following shortly behind.

Penley shafts are geared to the better player looking for a combination of distance and control.  The Hybrid Heater promises to be another stand out shaft from Camp Penley – watch for a full blown review soon!


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