Penley introduces two new Hybrid Heater Shafts – Penley Press Release Archive

SAN DIEGO, CA. – Dec. 16, 2004 – Penley Sports, the leader in custom upgrade golf shafts, has announced that it has introduced its new Hybrid Heater Shaft in two different models. Both models are available in January, 2005.

“Hybrid clubs have become increasingly popular recently and we recognized the need for a shaft designed specifically for these clubs,” said Brad Stormon, National Sales and Marketing Manager, Penley Shafts. “We developed two unique Hybrid Heater Shaft models to accommodate players with slower swing speeds as well as those with faster swing speeds.” The Hybrid Heater Shaft is available in two different models with weight options of 80 and 100 gram ranges. It also comes in both taper tip and parallel to allow golfers to put this shaft in long irons as well as hybrid clubs.

The 80-gram Hybrid Heater is for players who have slightly slower swing speeds. This shaft allows them to get the ball in the air easier and maximize distance and control. The 100-gram Hybrid Heater is for players with faster swing speeds that want to take full advantage of their hybrid club or long irons. This shaft consistently adds more control and feel to both hybrid clubs and long irons, which are characteristics not normally associated with a conventional long iron.

The 80-gram Hybrid Heater Shaft is available in A, R and S flexes and ranges in torque from 4.1 in the A flex to 3.9 in the R and S flexes. The 100-gram Hybrid Heater is available in R, S, X and XX flexes with a torque of 2.1.

The Hybrid Heater Shaft has a suggested retail price of $43.00 for the 80 gram and $47.00 for the 100 gram. Penley Sports, a San Diego, California-based company, designs and manufactures high quality premium golf shafts including the successful Stealth 70 and ETA lines. Penley Golf Shafts have been #1 in driving distance and #1 in accuracy on the PGA Tour, with victories on all major Tours. Penley offers one of the broadest ranges of golf shafts to choose from, accommodating the top professional golfers in the world as well as amateurs of all levels. The company manufactures 100% of its products in the U.S.A.