Penley Sports introduces “Hot” new Caliente Shaft – Penley Press Release Archive

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SAN DIEGO, CA. – Dec. 4, 2004 – Penley Sports, the leader in custom upgrade golf shafts, has announced that it has introduced its “Hot” new Caliente Shaft, adding to it’s already successful Stealth 70 and ETA lines. This new shaft is available in January, 2005.

“Penley Shafts are known for their quality and playability, and the Caliente is no exception,” commented Brad Stormon, National Sales and Marketing Manager, Penley Shafts. “It was designed with all player performance characteristics in mind and is already positioned to be one of the top new shafts for the 2005 season.”

The Caliente Shaft supports a new look for Penley. Rather than having the company’s trademarked standard yellow sleeve with rings, this shaft will feature a 19″ carbon fiber cross weave from the butt end of the shaft. Not only does this make the shaft extremely good looking, it also helps in creating hoop strength and stability in the butt section of the shaft. This gives the player a more solid feel at the top of the back swing and allows the tip end of the shaft to be more responsive and create a better feel for the individual golfer. This enables the player to achieve maximum directional control with each shot on a more consistent basis.

The Caliente Shaft is available in A, R, S and X flexes and ranges in weight from 62 grams in the A flex to 68 grams in the X flex. Torque ranges from 3.6 in the A flex to 3.0 in the X flex. Kick points range from low to mid (A), mid (R), mid to high (S), and high kick (X). It has a suggested retail price of $64.00.

Penley Sports, a San Diego, California-based company, designs and manufactures high quality premium golf shafts including the successful Stealth 70 and ETA lines. Penley Golf Shafts have been #1 in driving distance and #1 in accuracy on the PGA Tour, with victories on all major Tours. Penley offers one of the broadest ranges of golf shafts to choose from, accommodating the top professional golfers in the world as well as amateurs of all levels. The company manufactures 100% of its products in the U.S.A.